Your body is speaking....

Do you want to listen?

Do you even know how?

I am so excited to help you discover the power, love, truth, safety, creativity and health that is your birthright.

Are you ready to listen?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping? Are your worries and anxieties stopping you from focusing?
  • Is your pain so consuming you struggle to leave the house?
  • Do you feel like you have lost hours and hours of your life to the tyranny of your fear?
  • Have you been reading self-help articles, practicing yoga and meditation yet you still feel alone and anxious?
  • Do you think that you just have to live with it? That you are broken beyond repair?
  • What’s preventing you from claiming all that you KNOW life has to offer?

I am a body centered trauma therapist with a huge tool box. I'm ready to guide you as you learn to listen to your body and live the life you dream of.

Take the step that confirms what you know.
You and your body can heal and
stepping into your power,
no matter what has happened to you,
is your birthright.

"Thank you - without your help I would never have known how to save myself.  And I’m not talking mild distress, I mean true agony, paralyzing fear, absolute hopelessness.  I just sunk into it all and it started to slowly lift.  What a lesson I learned…."
C.T. Professor.

"I have been working with Niseema for over a year and the connections she has helped me make with my body have been incredible.  She is gentle, thoughtful and intuitive and while I'm dealing with difficult, sometimes traumatic issues she makes me feel safe and un-judged allowing for a huge learning experience for me."  M. M.  Certified Personal Coach


Dynamic Balance
Body Centered Therapy

Dynamic Balance Body Centered Therapy is unlike anything you've experienced before.  I hold a container for your healing that includes contact with me throughout your process, yes that means in-between sessions, when you really need it. This is uniquely effective because the triggers for your symptoms are in your everyday life.  This is when you can really learn to listen and create a new story - a story that you are not facing alone like you have for a very long time.  I will be there as your interpreter, teacher, coach and supporter.  I see a limited number of clients at a time so I can be available to you as you navigate these waters of transformation.


"Niseema with her understanding of the complexities of the human being, interrelationships between mind and body and her ability to pull from her vast resources of healing approaches has guided me through a wonderful journey to a life with less pain, freer movement and clearer self awareness. I am deeply grateful to have had the privilege of working with Niseema." J. C.  Finance Manger

Your future self is waiting and is on your side!



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