About the Modalities I use to help you achieve a
Dynamic Balance in Life.

Somatic Experiencing®

is a newer modality that releases trauma stored in the nervous system; a gentle and profound system of sensation and mindful awareness, developed by renowned trauma specialist Peter Levine PhD. (Waking the Tiger and In an Unspoken Voice). 

How SE Works:
SE facilitates the completion of self-protective motor responses and the release of thwarted survival energy bound in the body, thus addressing the root cause of trauma symptoms. This is approached by gently guiding clients to develop increasing tolerance for difficult bodily sensations and suppressed emotions.

SE does not require the traumatized person to re-tell or re-live the traumatic event. Instead, it offers the opportunity to engage, complete, and resolve—in a slow and supported way—the body’s instinctual fight, flight, freeze, and collapse responses. Individuals locked in anxiety or rage then relax into a growing sense of peace and safety. Those stuck in depression gradually find their feelings of hopelessness and numbness transformed into empowerment, triumph, and mastery. SE catalyzes corrective bodily experiences that contradict those of fear and helplessness. This resets the nervous system, restores inner balance, enhances resilience to stress, and increases people’s vitality, equanimity, and capacity to actively engage in life. (Excerpted from www.traumahealing.org)

Bodynamic : Healing Developmental Disruptions

I generally start verbally with the here and now, on how an issue is appearing in your life. These issues usually imply that certain abilities or feelings were not learned or accepted at a related developmental age. (-3mo - 12yrs old) As a child, you had to resort to protective responses – to give up aspects of your self or your relationship with your caregivers. These developmental disruptions typically occur around the time the motor, mental, and psychological abilities are coming online. As opposed to traumatic experiences, which are imprinted primarily in the autonomic nervous system, these lesser but cumulative effects are imprinted mostly in the voluntary nervous system, the mind, and the muscles involved. The resulting protective behaviors, once adaptive, are now the source of many contemporary issues.

After identifying a present day issue I can usually get a sense of the related developmental stage and some ability or resource that may be lacking or rigid. Familiar examples of these resources are grounding or centering, energy management, self-assertion, support, or interpersonal skills. By using the right muscle at the right time, we simulate a present-day scenario related to the original feeling of disruption. That was when the protective behavior was first needed. Now, however, your experience is from a more resourced place, and one with connection and support from me. All these conditions encourage a felt sense of competency. Your once reflexive or sensed need for protection is now absent or seems less urgent and this allows you to change lifelong patterns in a flexible and liberating way.

Polarity Therapy

is a holistic form of touch therapy that helps align the positive and negative electromagnetic energies of the body.  Polarity Therapy bodywork is intuitive in it’s application can be light, still, calming, balancing, stimulating or deep, encouraging the free flow of energy from head to toe.  Polarity Therapy creates space for the body/mind/spirit to speak through felt sensation, memory, images, and emotion.  Polarity Therapy also incorporates an assessment of diet and energetic exercises to help the client maintain energy flow between sessions. Click here to view a video of a Polarity Therapy Session.  Though or work together may vary from what is seen the video will give you a sense of what Polairty Therapy is and how it can be performed.

Massage /Touch Therapy

Addresses the physical body with either more traditional techniques releasing tension, pain, injury and stress or with intentional touch to help identify and gently release defensive holding patterns in the body.  Defensive holding patterns can arise as coping mechanisms in early life and can be the the origin of chronic pain and tension in the body.  Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Polarity based Structural Balancing and Myofascial Release are all used in the work as needed.

 “In a real sense all of life is interconnected.
All men are caught in an inescapable network
Of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.
Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.
I can never be what I ought to be
Until you are what you ought to be,
And you can never be what you ought to be
Until I am what I ought to be.
This is the interrelated structure of reality.”
Martin Luther King Jr., Detroit 1961