I have created and lead a variety of workshops to teach skills and resources that support trauma healing and community. I find that being a part of a group deepens the experience and magnifies the support needed for healing and change . You can contact me for information about my new schedule or to invite me to your community, business, or organization to lead a workshop specifically designed to meet your needs.

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Claiming Fire :
Anger, Boundaries and Creativity for Women

Join six amazing women for this 2 month group experience inspired by recent events and a desire to help women claim their vitality, their fire, their anger and their authentic sisterhood.

Through this series of group sessions you will safely explore the emotion of anger and develop the ability to create healthy boundaries through claiming the element of fire. What you learn and share will support your unique creativity and beautiful soul in its honest expression. In addition to the sessions below we will have two 
on-line group sessions and a private Facebook group for the duration of the experience.


Safe Conversations©

Safe Conversations teaches the fundamental communication skills of Mirroring, Validating and Empathizing. In this three part process you will be able to fully hear, understand and empathize with ANYONE in your life. Studies has shown that 6 weeks after the Safe Conversations© workshop individuals and couples report increased happiness and decreased anxiety. It will empower you with the tools to talk without criticism, listen without judgement, and connect beyond differences.


Boundaries for Professionals

More and more people in any profession that work directly with the public whether in schools, organizations, health or healing professions are encountering the effects of trauma. This fully customizable workshop not only helps you recognize trauma responses in others but also in yourself. Giving you tools of nervous system regulation to teach and share that are safe to use on anyone. You will also learn all about how the nervous system shows it’s traumatized and how you can be a part of healing that trauma rather than contributing to it.