"I have been working with Niseema for over a year and the connections she has helped me make with my body have been incredible. Her deep experience in Massage Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Polarity Therapy are apparent when you work with her and means she has many tools to help you explore the issues needed for this work. She is gentle, thoughtful and intuitive so dealing with difficult, sometimes traumatic issues always feels safe, un-judged and often results in a huge learning experience for myself. I highly recommend Niseema, she is truly gifted as a practitioner and has enabled me to understand my body in a way that has been tremendously helpful for my physical and mental health."  M. M.  Certified Personal Coach

"I am a psychotherapist and was a colleague of Niseema at The DiMele Center for Psychotherapy and counseling.  I have personally seen the positive outcome of Niseema's work with my clients.  They have reported freedom from previous pain, increased agility, feelings of vitality and an ease in achieving the psychological/emotional goals. Niseema is a trusted professional, her work is safe and honest.  I am proud to be her colleague."   Ora Yemini-Morrison LCSW

"I have been going to Niseema for several years for massage therapy, polarity work, and the essential oil products.  Her intuition and phenomenal massage techniques have gotten me thru many performances.  I also value her advice and insights about various injuries and health issues.  She is truly gifted in every way!"    D. W.  Ballet dancer and Broadway performer.

"Niseema with her understanding of the complexities of the human being, interrelationships between mind and body and her ability to pull from her vast resources of healing approaches has guided me through a wonderful journey to a life
with less pain, freer movement and clearer self awareness.
I am deeply grateful to have had the privilege of working with Niseema." J. C.  Finance Manger

"Niseema is invaluable, she has helped me find balance and relaxation through the wear and tear of daily life and sessions with her throughout my pregnancy were essential. She is incredibly informed on the mechanics of the body and is a caring and soothing presence."  C.J. Personal Chef, Core Fusion Trainer