Dynamic Support for Mental Health Practitioners

Managing the sometimes triggering energy of a client's trauma can be exhausting and unsettling, not to mention the hearing of the traumatic material. 

Mental Health Professionals can struggle with:

  • witness trauma
  • symptoms of PTSD, like invasive imagery
  • the triggering of personal trauma,
  • chronic pain
  • lack of sleep.

This can limit the amount of clients you see, the types of clients you treat and may have you thinking of closing up your practice all together.

I work one-on-one with you in an 8 week program that teaches skills to manage your own states of activation and dissociation.

  • The skills are body based, customized for your nervous system and are very effective.
  • The program is 8 weeks long to allow for the physical learning and experience of the skills to settle into your system. I work at a high level to support a lasting shift and understanding.
  • The skills you learn can also be taught to your clients.
  • The change in the treatment room dynamics will be dramatic not to mention the benefit to your own mental health.
  • The program includes use of the Safe and Sound Protocol developed by Dr. Steven Porges,  daily support, weekly sessions and educational materials.

I look forward to hearing from and supporting you in having a therapy practice that provides for and nourishes you.