Dynamic Empowerment Intensive

Are you a nice woman who feels taken for granted?
Do you hold your ideas and feelings inside?
Do you say yes when you mean no?
Is your anger out of control?
You fantasize about breaking things?

This 8 week intensive individual process is inspired by recent events and
my desire to help women claim their vitality, their fire, and their anger.

You will learn tools to support healthy boundaries, healthy limits and healthy emotional expression to support you and your creative, beautiful soul for the rest of your life. The work we do together will help you feel safer, more balanced and present to your life and your loved ones. Included in this process is:

  • Intake and goal setting session (2 hours)

  • 7 weekly individual sessions, 90 minutes each customized to meet your needs and support your process.

  • Homework with daily check-in’s, keeping the process in the foreground and supporting a lasting shift through continuity and accountability.

  • 24/7 email access.

  • A trip to a RAGE room in NYC, to break some plates, safely release some rage and celebrate your newly discovered power!