inner voice


She held me in her hands
like a smooth stone

 I felt myself filled, though
my body's container was gone

like the Chumash Indians -- almost extinct,
their spirits visit us in dreamtime
through stones
          Aiyana Stern

I met Aiyana at the Yoga Journal Conference here in NYC in May.  I was giving introductory Polarity sessions, using a folding lounge chair, each lasting about 20 minutes.  I was honored that she felt inspired by her experience to write so eloquently about something so intangible, the experience of one’s self reflected, held by another.  For me I feel this is what healing is about.  To feel your self held in the gaze of life.   Who or what holds that gaze doesn’t really matter, it is the quality of presence that completes the circuit, allowing for the return of self, back home.  

The experiences that have been most healing for me have been the ones where I came to realizations in my own time,  taking responsibility for my own experience of myself and feeling held and accepted no matter where or how far I went.  When it’s happening it feels like all the tension that has me wound up, tension related to pressuring myself to be ‘perfect’, begins to release it grip.  The tape recorder in my mind slows down and allows for my inner voice to come through, the part of me that doesn’t listen to the tape, the part of me that knows I am whole, well and already prefect.

What are some of your experiences with healing?