Healing....a verb, making or becoming healthy or sound.


Healing is a process that never ends, the same with finding your purpose. I’m reflecting on this because today in my end of year hibernation I opened up a notebook from a weekend intensive that I was participating in 20 years ago.
At that time I was coming out of a torrential 3 year relationship feeling completely confused and unsure of who I was, where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to do. I was floored when I read the first few lines. ( I was in documentary film and television production, )

“ I want to create films that help people to see a way out of the pain they are in...I want to show people solutions to their anxiety, I want to find this out myself...”.

20 years! and I’m still in the process of uncovering the resistance, pain and anxiety in myself with the intention of sharing my journey with my clients.

What I have learned on this long amazing journey is that Healing is what the body is programmed to do.  When the mind understands that healing doesn’t mean that everything will be as it was (and that is ok) and that what is unconscious is not the enemy, but some hurt and lost parts that need care, skills, education and integration.

What ever is stuck in the unconscious, sleepy, protective parts of us is what sabotages healing. The best way I have found to meet these parts is with a playful, creative exploration. I feel so strongly the child in me who is confused and scared.  When I see or feel that same child within my client my heart opens and I invite the opportunity for them to be with that young self, holding, without fear or judgement the space to create a new story.

Healing begins when the new story is integrated in a deep and loving way.