Letter to my future client.


Your pain is your advocate for you finding out who you are and what you are here to do in this life.  I am not afraid of your pain. Whatever you have survived has left scars on you that are an opportunity for growth that is uniquely yours.  Therapy or any other therapeutic intervention is going to be uncomfortable.  It’s an opening to yourself, to seeing what is really going on.  

I see the process as me meeting you in a dark woods.  The vines have grown all around, blocking the light and limiting your ability to move in any direction. The fear of all the critters, ghosts and the remembered pain of how you got here is looming big and terrifying.   You keep trying because you have to. The alternative is death, giving up, and just because you are here reading this - I know you haven’t given up.

Your family, friends, doctors and therapists may be giving you ways to feel less pain and to manage the pain of living from this place.  Some water, some nourishment, some warmth is given and that is so amazing and necessary. I’m am with you in these woods.  I have a flashlight, a machete and a compass. I can teach you how to use them and help you remember who you are from the inside out.

The work of cutting the path is difficult and you need to wield the machete and hold the compass yourself. Your body may be in so much pain, weak and feels like a stranger.  You may not have felt into your body in years because it has been a mystery, a burden and a source great pain.  But it is here and it plays a huge role in you getting out of these woods alive, healthy and with somatic tools that you will have forever.  

As a practitioner who works with trauma and the body the landscape is different for each and every client I see.  My tools are both educational and experiential and allow for lots of shifting and changing until the tool is just right and you learn how to use it so well that it becomes a part of you.  

When I first speak with you, my future client, I want to know if you are willing to take up the machete for yourself - to listen to the intuitive directions and keep the process alive throughout our time working together.  I know YOU are in there and you are needed in this world.  Are you ready to come out?

Photo Lori Diemer 2018