Letting Go

That phrase - it conjures feelings of Loss and Freedom, Grief and Joy.  The act of letting go of any thing, person or even feeling is fraught with these polarities. 

I recently witnessed a friend in the process of the ultimate letting go - letting go of her life from complications due to stage four breast cancer.  Everyone in that room was letting go of something. I was letting go of her, my need for her, my desires for her help and guidance, her laughter and tears, her presence in my life.   She was letting go of this world and all of it’s things, people and places, the breath, heart-beat and electrical charges of the brain. 

To be present for her in that process was/is a tremendous gift to me; the awareness that this life is fleeting and beautiful in all of its pain and joy, up’s and down’s.  I often forget that each breath is the precious gift of this body functioning, of my ‘solid’ energy form expressing itself in the world.  With my friends last breath she let go of that, exhaling into the Ether, into formlessness.

Why on earth would I start my blog with this topic?!  It has been journey to come to this place of letting go of my small world and exhaling into the world at large.  Letting go of my idea that I don’t have enough experience or voice to be heard and letting go of the fear that keeps my voice quiet.  

It feels like a leap into the unknown, it is a leap into the unknown. I’m a bit of a philistine when it comes to internet technology and all it has to offer.  So I’m taking my leap - here  I go....will there be Air, Fire, Water or Earth to greet me as I land?  I have no way of knowing, all I know is a leap, a letting-go in to the internet void, is happening.

What leaps off the cliffs of known to unknown have you taken in your life? I’d love to hear from you...it is a great accomplishment to take this leap, no matter where you land.

In Memory of Ma Devaprem 1957 - 2011